Todd Lubar Believes in Smart Technology

Todd Lubar is a real estate agent that likes to combine technology with trusted real estate practices. He has been interested in smart homes since the trend began. Smart technology let’s home owners control their homes from anywhere in the world.

Smart technology in homes is used in wide variety of applications that are connected to the Internet. This means that most technology is connected via a mobile phone or computer to run the technology. Smart homes gives owners the ability to control locks on doors, lighting, heating, and running appliances.

Many builders are implementing these features when they build apartments, condos, and homes today. This technology makes it easier for disabled people to perform daily task. An example is a blind man cannot see the light switch. With smart technology he can activate the lights with his voice. Their are similar innovations for appliances, locks, heat, and utilities.

Popular features with home builders are digital locks, keypad interfaces, automated window shades, appliances, and security features. It is predicted that most home will have smart technology in the next 30 years.

This technology makes it easier for normal and handicapped people. Smart technology reduces the chance of dangerous accidents and gives those with limitations a sense of independence. These are some of reasons Todd Lubar invests in smart technology and real estate. See,

He is owner and president of TDL global ventures. Todd Lubar has worked in real estate and finance for many years. Other industries has has worked in are scrap metal recycling industry and commercial demolition. He has a B.A in Speech Communications from Syracuse University.

TDL gives business loans to help them fulfill their dreams. Todd Lubar ( believes his organizational skills make him a good business man. He says building a successful business is hard work. You have to get up in the morning work hard, take a break and work some more.

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