The Success of Crystal Hunt in the Acting Realm

Born in 1985, according to her Facebook, Crystal Hunt grew up in the town of Clearwater, Florida. It wasn’t long after her birth that she began what would become her life long career. Starting out at six months old, she began stealing hearts in pageants. Crystal’s angelic looks would land her more jobs as an adult than she could have ever dreamed. Acting and singing lessons as a child honed her natural skills to perfection. By the age of six years, she had landed a role in “The Problem Child 2” as the daughter. This hit movie role propelled her further into a world of stardom.

Crystal has worked on various sets, making several commercials and appearing in television shows. Some of her most notable commercial appearances include a 25th anniversary Disney commercial and an anti-drug commercial with popular 90’s boy band *NSync. In 2003, she auditioned for a popular soap opera known as, “Guiding Light.” She was quickly cast as Lizzie Spaulding. Within one year she was under contract for the show, where she continued to act until 2006. Before leaving the show she was received a Daytime Emmy Award nomination and a Soap Opera Digest Award nomination, both in 2005. Three years after leaving “Guiding Light,” she began acting as Stacy Morasco on “One Life to Live,” where she acted for one year. In between working on TV soap operas Crystal acted for a few movies, including “The Derby Stallion,” in 2005 and “Sydney White” in 2007.

In 2015, she began working on her own film “Talbot County,” as an executive producer. She continues to work as an actress on a popular TV show known as “Queens of Drama.” Her charming and innocent good looks paired with her ability to act like an angel or a bit devilish has landed her many of these roles. She’s had no trouble going from the sweet girl next door to a dramatic bad girl in any role, often alternating between the two.  Check out her profile on FamousBirthdays, but also make sure to visit her official photography website, for examples of her work.

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