The Mastermind Behind Brazil’s Manaira Shopping Mall

Roberto Santiago wanted an immersive shopping experience that would enrapture customers and provide a unique twist to the average mall. Manaira Shopping Mall is the solution to merge conventional shopping with entertainment and leisure all under one roof. The mall has captured the hearts of its patrons through the various services the mall offers, from sunset-lit beaches to mouth-watering cuisine. Manaira also contains movie theaters, bowling alleys, ballrooms, and a beautiful electronic game center among the various shops and stalls. The game center is a gigantic playground full of arcade machines and a bowling alley and covers an extensive 1800 square meters. The luxurious shopping mall is also attached to a university. The extensive options offered by the Manaira Shopping Mall have made it a leader amongst Brazil’s other shopping centers, a feat that is one of Santiago’s most distinguished achievements.

The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall was started in 1987 and took a mere two years from conception to completion. Over 20 years, the mall has undergone massive changes that have turned it from a small mall to an enormous entertainment complex capable of housing thousands of people at once. Every new installment adds many more shops and entertainment options that would fit every type of budget. The mall is a popular destination for many people in the Joao Pessoa and has been used in the past to host numerous weddings. The conference hall and concert stage are also prime destinations for anyone looking for something bigger at this popular city attraction. The enormous concert hall, in particular, is of interest to music lovers and composers alike, as the stage has attracted local musicians and international talent from all over the world. It can hold up to 10,000 people and is currently the largest concert hall in Brazil. Read more on Exame

  1. Santiago is a Brazillian born entrepreneur who excels in anything he decides to pursue. He graduated from the University Center of Joao Pessoa with a degree in Business Administration and began his career with small roots. Santiago was an employee at Café Santa Rosa before moving on to businesses centered on producing and distributing decorative and utilitarian objects. It was not until he grew into the allotment business that his talents truly began to shine. The Manaira Shopping Mall is just one of his many endeavors in which he has truly excelled. His skills for sports such as kart racing and motocross may be the reasoning behind the Manaira’s unique stadium design, which allows people to look over all of the customers within. With the addition and continued improvement of the mall, Roberto Santiago has given so much more to his community than he could ever have thought possible. It has opened up numerous doors toward improving the community and increasing tourist revenue.

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