The Coolest Females in Anime


There are many strong anime women characters. The female anime are very deadly, fearless, highly skilled and very powerful. They are very strong independent women. They are intelligent, attractive and are formidable. There are many different elements that make up a character. Their personality ,background and appearance. They may look sweet and innocent but they are very deadly. Some female anime characters are stronger then the male anime characters.

Mariko Kurama is an elf lead and is very dangerous. She can kill any one in her path. She is so dangerous that she has been locked up most of her life.

Beatrice is very powerful with magic. She is over four hundred years old and looks like a little girl, and still belongs on any badass anime characters list.

Krul Tepes is over 2000 years old. She has vampire powers. She is known as the queen of Japan in her world.

Major Motoko Kunasagi, is a female cyborg in this futuristic anime. She has extensive military and martial arts training. Her intellectual capabilities exceed the average person. Her back ground is a mystery.