The Accomplishments of Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos is a member of the DeVos family and has always been loyal to preserving the family and the name that the DeVos family continues to stand for in both charity as well as with regards to business. The DeVos family is a well respected family in the Grand Rapids area that is known to be one of the richest families in the world due to the family business that is known as Amway Corporation. Amway Corporation is a network sales company that specializes in delivering health and household products to households all over the world. As a member of this family, Dick DeVos has been dedicated to not only spreading the legacy of his family, but has also been dedicated to creating a legacy of his own.

Dick DeVos is a well respected philanthropist who has followed in his father’s footsteps for giving large sums of donations to many charities and foundations across the United States. With his immense wealth, Dick DeVos has always believed that wealth should be shared with the public in order to generate even more wealth as well as opportunities within the community. Dick DeVos loves his community and hopes that the contributions that he continuously gives continues to grow the community.

Even at a young age, Dick DeVos has always been looking to prove himself as an individual top reserve the family legacy. Even before a degree, Dick DeVos helped the company where he could. He and his brother have fond memories of giving product descriptions, running errands, as well as filing papers for the benefit of the company. By the time Dick DeVos and his brother had graduated from university, these two individuals were ready to contribute to the family and the business that their father worked hard to raise fro the ground. While growing up, Dick DeVos saw the success of this company grow exponentially.

After graduating from college and after earning a degree in business administration, Dick DeVos started working for the company as an official employee of Amway Corporation. Over the next ten years, Dick DeVos climbed his way up the ladder and held many executive positions in different sectors within the company. BY 1984, Dick DeVos became the vice president of the company and was in charge of international sales.

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