Squaw Valley Water Shows Significant Improvement

Squaw Valley Ski Resort is taking all precautions when it comes to supplying clean water to their guests after an unexpected contamination to their water system. The contaminated water was never made available to the public and the situation has been handled with the utmost of care. The water contamination was a result of flooding due to excessive rainfall in October. The flooding contaminated one of Squaw Valley’s upgraded water systems. Staff at Squaw Valley Ski Resort took action immediately when the contamination was identified and reported the issue accordingly. Water contamination is handled with the utmost care to ensure the safety and health of guests and the public in general.


At no time was the contaminated water in contact with guests or the public. The contaminated water was suspected to contain common bacteria coliform and e-coli. In response to the water contamination, Placer County Environmental Health is continuously monitoring the water and monitoring it for improvement. The water at Squaw Valley Ski Resort is being tested regularly and is showing progressively lower levels of coliform and no traces of e-coli bacteria. As an added precaution, bottled water is being provided to guests at Squaw Valley Ski Resort until the water is deemed safe to drink. Three of the four wells on the upper mountain tested have minuscule levels of coliform and no e-coli.


Guests of Squaw Valley Ski Resort are in no threat of coming in contact with the contaminated water. Skiers can still enjoy the resort’s amenities with comfort in knowing that the contamination is fully under control. Absolutely no health issues have been reported as a result of the water contamination. Skiers can still enjoy top to bottom skiing at the Squaw Valley Ski Resort despite the water contamination. Restaurants in Squaw Valley will remain closed until the water is determined to be clear of all coliform. Other than that, the resort is running as usual and welcoming skiers. Squaw Valley ski resort remains transparent during the water contamination investigation. The resort hopes to have the water contamination cleared away very soon and is keep guests updated on the progress.

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