Securus Technologies Aims to Deploy Wireless Containment Systems to Prohibit Criminal Inmate Calls

According to the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, the dramatic transformation in communications over this past decade is also influencing the world of communications, the general public and will also positively impact the incarceration experience.


The renowned chairman also points out that the corrections departments will be able to utilize and establish more products to solve and prevent crimes as well as save lives. Below, Securus Technologies, the principal provider of criminal and civil justice technology solutions for monitoring and corrections investigations, discusses how the organization’s future technology is to create benefits for all law enforcement, friends/family, inmates as well as the whole society.


The future of the incarceration environment


In future, after an inmate is charged into a jail or prison, the inmate will be able to utilize Securus devices to communicate with authorized persons through securely recorded video, voice, email, or text messages. The Securus platforms will also be able to offer instant accounts funding over a central platform with lower call rates and access to databases that provide jobs, bail guarantors, education, legal resources, commissary, medical attention, songs, and books necessary for inmates. Securus is also presenting every means through which the inmates can use their mobile devices for a Wireless Containment Solutions on a bandwidth platform that allows the correction officials to capture essential device texting addresses and telephone numbers. This is done to ensure short-term facilities can get inmates booked and cleared out in a shorter period.


Securus will also record and monitor the necessary communications allowing the usage of all types of communications in a safe and controlled manner. Usage in this case also revolves around access to secure book databases, law libraries, job finders, facility rules, religious texts, movies, video, visitation schedules, forms, healthcare schedules, and resources among others. Securus aims to deliver all the services mentioned above with the intention of presenting the benefits at substantially lower rates. Securus also has the technology, products, and on-ground personnel to deliver the products to all correction facilities around the world.


How to address the concern of managing contraband cell phones in jails


Most recently, a couple of inmates called a hit on an innocent civilian because of a family member working in a correction facility. The order for the crime was made from inside an inmate in prison. Securus established a cell phone network that once an inmate phone has been attached, and the number dialed, the corrections officials have full control over the call. Securus has efficient technology that offers a platform where an antenna with a powerful signal attracts all prohibited inmate incoming or outgoing calls from the prison hence giving the prison staff the ability to monitor threatening calls.