OSI Group’s Food Solutions

OSI Group is a privately owned American holding company that deals in food processing. The company not only deals with custom food development but also the management of food supply chain. The company also delivers custom food products that meet every customer’s requirement.

The food giant is vigilant when it comes to issues concerning health, safety, and environmental protection. It takes various measures to counter risks that may arise in the areas mentioned above. It is due to the company’s vigilance that the British Safety Council awarded it the prestigious globe of honor. It was one of the 18 organizations in the world awarded this honor. This award says a lot since, in order to compete for it, a company has to have five stars in the British Safety Council’s environmental management audit.

The company has 65 facilities with 20, 000 employees in 17 countries. These numbers show that the company provides employment on a global scale. OSI Group, being privately owned, operates like a small company and can boast of careers in shipping, accounting, and quality assurance to mention just a few.

In its efforts to expand its market, the company recently purchased Baho food, a Dutch company that deals in convenience foods, deli meats, and snacks. This ensured a greater presence in the European market and broadened its capabilities to serve the evolving needs of its customers.

The company’s acquisition of Flagship Europe also gave it a broader market In Europe. It will also generate great benefits in terms of resources and market.

OSI also purchased Tyson Foods based in Chicago. Tyson as a company was already failing and had laid off several workers and risked shutting down. It failed to keep up with continuously changing customer demands and was thus barely functional when the purchase was made. The company is closely located to OSI’s other ventures based in Chicago and therefore provides great infrastructure for growth and development.

OSI’s commitment to making their customers a priority and meeting the challenges that come with this make it a great force in the US. Winning the Globe of Honor last year demonstrated the company’s commitment to health and environmental issues. This offers a great deal of comfort and assurance to the customers when consuming their products.

Their continued effort in expansion through the several purchases broadens their market and allows the company to keep up with continuously changing customer needs and preferences. This makes OSI group one of the best companies in America and the world over.

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