Meet Sawyer Howitt, the Racquetball Genius to Watch in Sports and Business

Sawyer Howitt is a young athlete and entrepreneur based in Portland, Oregon. The rising racquetball star is a high school senior. He has demonstrated a keen ability to understand complex business processes. He was recently appointed to work as a project manager of Meriwether Group, a business and management consulting firm run by his father, David Howitt. Sawyer Howitt recently shared his love of racquetball and illustrated how you could master the game quickly.

According to Sawyer Howitt, learning racquetball requires time and energy. However, it is a rewarding experience for those who endeavor to succeed. First, determine if you are motivated to play for self-improvement or become a professional athlete. Design a training plan that will deliver long-term results. Research comprehensively and engage an experienced player for insights on how to refine your plan. The idea is to have a basic structure that you can improve and tune as you improve.

Engaging a coach is an excellent way to kick start your professional career. Extend your search for a good coach globally and factor in logistics that may arise. Nothing should stand in your quest to find the best coach. Ask for referrals from your current partners. Meet and interact with them to ensure you are a good match.

Establish a sustainable fitness program that improves your physical shape. Racquetball as a sport is very competitive. It requires high levels of energy, agility, and fitness to succeed. You have to be stronger, better and faster than your opponents to win. It takes years of rigorous training on a daily basis to reach professional physical fitness levels.

Additionally, work to improve your talent and skill. Work with your coach to establish a workout and practice plan that continues to improve your playing skills and fitness. Once you have created a winning pattern, you can look for sponsors to fund your professional career. You can also coach amateur players to supplement your income.

Sawyer Howitt has played racquetball since he was young. The US Racquetball Association recognizes him as a rapidly rising player. He has previously done internships at companies such as RFID Checkout and Kure Juice Bar to improve his business skills. He has a keen interest in school, sports, business, finance, and philanthropy.

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