Malini Saba’s Philanthropy Extends to The Leaders of Tomorrow.

The reason why she ventured into this program was to help women and children across the ever evolving globe who will be the future leaders, and by offering education, a home, and healthcare, Malini Saba is ensuring a bright future for them.


How Malini Saba defines success and philosophy

Success is doing what you love while smiling and her biggest success is having her daughter by her side as she made her understand why she built the Malini Saba Foundation. Her philosophy is whatever happened in the past cannot be changed, and one must reflect and learn from the experience.


Malini Saba’s top challenge and how she addressed it

The biggest problem she has encountered and still continues to deal with is stumbling blocks from governments of developing countries which create barriers on the full impact Malini Saba’s foundation wants to make on change. Her best weapon in fighting such situations is by standing her ground, and continuing to push on for positive change of policies. She always keeps in mind that change is not for one person but a multitude of individuals.


Malini Saba has always kept her business and personal life apart, and if something bad happens to her life, it becomes a learning curve. As for her business life, it remains to be the bottom line of everything.


Malini Saba’s most influential role model

Mother Theresa is her top-ranked role model as she had faith in what she did, and helped many with her belief in God. Mother Theresa took the initiative to assist a group of people who were stigmatized and marginalized by the public while others stood afar and talked about what they would want to do but never did it.


Malini Saba hails from Malaysia, but has grown up in Australia, and then moved to U.S. at the age of 19 with only $200 to survive while at the Stanford University Campus.


Saba one day stormed into a gathering of investment bankers and talked them out to give her financial investment advice and with the little money she had saved, she gradually started investing in commodities, real estate, and telecommunications. Today, Malini Saba is one of the top international investors of South Asian origin and also philanthropists. Ms. Malini Saba is the Chairman and founder of Saban and other firms which deal with real estate, technology, gas, and oil companies in Australia, India, U.S, and China.

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