Every Texan Needs Customized Retirement Planning To Enjoy The Lifestyle They Envision For Themselves

When clients engage Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions, he provides them with a customized plan for reaching their financial goals, taking into account their current income, liquidity needs and their retirement goals.

As these are different for everyone, Richard Blair Wealth Solution gets to know each client personally, which is why he only accepts individuals, families and small business owners from Greater Austin, Texas community. In addition to offering long-term investment strategies, Blair also ensures that his clients have adequate insurance coverage, such as liability insurance, to protect their assets from unforeseen events.

As retirement planning is one of Blair’s specialties, he has expertise in when it is most advantageous for his clients to begin taking Social Security, how to minimize his client’s post-retirement tax burden and determining the appropriate income to ensure client’s have enough money for the retirement lifestyle that they envision.

According to Wealth Minder, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions also holds a Certified Estate and Trust Specialist (CES) designation, which enables him to offer clients sound advice on will preparation, conservatorships and other financial planning strategies for persons who are concerned about what will happen to their assets after their demise.

Through his firm, Wealth Solutions, Blair offers wealth management services, creating an appropriately diversified portfolio for clients with investments that match their risk tolerance levels. Instead of simply telling his clients where to invest their money, Blair takes a more customer-centric approach by educating individuals about their options and then involving them in the decision making process.

Since Blair is an independent financial advisor, he will recommend a wide range of investment options, without bias toward any specific product. Putting his client’s best interests first, Blair adheres to this own code of ethics and the ethical codes required by his numerous certifications.

On Wealth Management’s website, Blair maintains a blog where he offers easy-to-understand advice regarding complex topics, including Medigap supplemental insurance, reverse mortgages, long-term care insurance and other subjects that will interest men and women who are beginning to plan for their retirement.

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