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Event Planning 101
Planning a big event can prove to be a stressful task, so you’ll want to consider hiring an event planner to help you make your vision a reality. Instead of having to do everything yourself, you might find that hiring a reputable company to help will not only reduce stress, but will make for a wonderfully memorable event. If you are looking to hire a planner, you’ll want to consider a few different things before you set your mind on one company.

The Hire
Figuring your event objective is key. How, what, when, where and why are questions you’ll want to ask yourself before you start brainstorming other elements. Once you’ve decided on those, make a list as to why trusting a professional would be beneficial in this event planning process. Create a budget before meeting with potential planners. Do much research before you start the interview process and look for customer reviews. Whether it’s through word of mouth or social media, doing the research will really benefit you in the end. After meeting with several planning companies, narrow it down to the one you like most. Meeting in person is crucial for planning the event-you’ll want to go over budget, themes and other important details of the event to brainstorm your ideal outcome.

Discovering Twenty Three Layers
This trusted company has been in business for a long time, and has big name clients such as Jaguar. They have excellent customer reviews, and you can find beautiful samplings of past parties planned online. They do it all- they are a full service company and will take care of every need for your event. This top of the line event planning company in New York is not only reputable, but their work is wonderfully impressive. Check out Twenty Three Layers and discover the incredible work they’ve done- you’ll be sure to want them for your next event!

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