Dr. David Samadi – Refuge To Renowned Doctor

Dr. David B Samadi grew up in the oppressed Jewish community of Iran. After the Iranian Revolution in a quest to escape the pure devastation of the war, both David Samadi and his brother fled the impoverished country in seek of asylum. David Samadi was one of the lucky ones to escape and was able to not only attend high school but even made his way to further his education in college.

He graduated Stony Brook University of Medicine and became a Doctor in 1994. Dr. David Samadi is renowned for knowledge of urology. He is a board-certified urologist and has a specialization in the diagnosis and treating different urologic diseases. He is also well versed in Oncology having participated in an Oncology fellowship at Memorial Sloan Kettering. He treats and diagnosis kidney, bladder and prostate cancer.

Currently, David Sumadi is employed at Lenox Hill Hospital as the Chairman of Urology and the Chief of Robotic Surgery. David Samadi is well known as one of the most caring and attentive doctors. He chooses rather than taking on many patients to take on a slim few so he can work with them every step of the way. He makes it his mission to find new and innovative ways to assess their specific needs and address cancer as quickly as possible. David Samadi wants his patients to take the least invasive treatments as much as they can so he is passionate about early discovery and his protocols, while different, has been a roaring success.

David Samadi is currently hosting a new live show called Sunday Housecall. Its primary focus will be on current issues, the medical field, and tips and tricks on living a healthier lifestyle. What makes Sunday Housecall extra special is when you tune in you won’t just be getting Dr. David Samadi’s opinion, but he will have a different health or medical expert on his show each episode. David Samadi doesn’t want this to be a boring informative show that hardly anyone tunes in to either. He has made it so that Sunday Housecall invigorates and includes his audience members. He will take phone calls, emails, and even comments from viewers and answer each ones specific questions. His valuable knowledge will only be a simple phone call away.

Sunday Housecall with Dr. David Samadi airs live every Sunday at 12:30 pm Eastern Time. It is available for streaming on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, and even on David Samadi’s very own website Dr.SamadiTV.com.

Check Dr. David Samadi at https://www.dialdish.com/new-television-program-from-dr-david-samadi-answers-your-health-questions/

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