Bridget Scarr’s Journey from Conceptualizing Ideas of Others to Realizing her Own

Bridget Scarr is a multi-talented content writer and producer. Her productions appeal to diverse audiences on television, the digital world and print media. She exudes intelligence, creativity and critical thinking.


Over the years, she has influenced creative teams of between five to two hundred and twenty people to achieve particular production outcomes. For over fifteen years, Bridget has served as an executive producer. She has production mastery in animation, entertainment, lifestyle, and drama programming. Bridget used her role as producer to give life to other people’s propositions.


Currently, Bridget Scarr is the head of partnerships, strategy and content development at Colibri Studio. She concentrates on the overall development of projects through collaborations and partnerships with broadcasters and creative teams. Colibri enables her to express her ideas through digital content, televisions, exhibitions and virtual and augmented realities.


Bridget brings ideas to life based on the inspiration and the project at hand. She intends to make sure the targeted audiences receive the intended stories. Depending on the platform that hosts the production, Scarr customs the stories to reflect the desired mood, time and setting. She also factors in expectations, intended purposes of the production, the influence of technology and the history behind the production. Bridget Scarr spends time researching available mechanisms that can visualize an idea effectively. Once she has identified the setting, she scouts for actors and partners to develop the concept into a masterpiece.


The current emphasis on the utilization of virtual reality positively to represent various aspects of life excites Bridget Scarr. There are unlimited possibilities created by immersion and interactivity. The best part about virtual reality is that it mimics current scenarios and can stir your emotions if made right. Virtual reality is a power an educative tool in modern day learning.



Bridget Scarr’s ideal day starts with meditation to help her focus and energize. She also uses meditation to hone her creativity. The rest of the day depends on the objective set. Bridget takes a time out once in a while to bond with her son and family. A nature break helps her connect with her environment in a meaningful manner. She also uses her spare time to catch up with the industry news.


Bridget’s advice to the younger generations is to conquer fear, appreciate processes, use your talents and gifts and trust in yourself. Nevertheless, do not forget to thank the people that support and love you unconditionally.


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