Avaaz Takes Activism to Into the Digital Age

The human rights and civil liberty group, Avaaz has grown in a short period of time to become one of the world’s most effective activist groups with members around the world. Founded in January 2007, Avaaz has been able to create such a positive impact on the world through the range of different approaches the group takes to choosing and completing its different campaigns, which include campaigns dedicated to human rights, social justice, and the environment.

The idea behind the Avaaz group was to make sure the people of the world had the chance to impact the lives of all those around them no matter if they shared a geographical location; the Internet has opened up a number of opportunities for individuals to learn about issues facing the world and to impact them in a positive way. For Avaaz, the role of the activist has expanded to include exploring the possibilities open to activists through the completion of Online petitions and email messaging campaigns. Issues such as climate change are seen by Avaaz as a global issue needing to be addressed by all concerned global citizens who should be allowed to participate in campaigns to make a positive change to the direction the world is moving in.

Avaaz has been looking for a new way of addressing major issues caused by the rise of the capitalist threat created by business leaders ignoring the problems facing the planet. One of the major issues addressed by Avaaz has been taking on the threat of corruption which has been a major problem in countries such as Brazil where Avaaz has built a strong following for the success achieved by the group.

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