An Overview of the Litigation Process

Karl Heideck can help litigate your case.
Karl Heideck and the litigation process

Litigation is simply a word that describes the proceedings associated with two antagonizing entities, aimed at either enforcing or defending a legal right. Usually, litigation is settled by a consensus being reached between the two parties, but in some cases, it may be decided by a judge in court. Litigation is often confused as another name for a lawsuit. Litigation constitutes all the activities before, during and after a lawsuit aimed at enforcing a legal right. In a nutshell, the scope covered by litigation is far much wider than that covered by a lawsuit.

The litigation process is initiated the instance an individual decides to defend or enforce their legal rights officially. This often happens when an entity settles on a particular attorney and decides that he or she will be representing the entity’s rights. From here, many pre-suit litigation procedures, for instance, the drafting of a demand letter, which requires that the victim be compensated for injury or damage. The pre-suit litigation processes are very dynamic and mostly depend on the circumstances surrounding the particular case.

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A litigator is a law practitioner who drives a lawsuit through the whole judicial process. The word trial lawyer can sometimes be used as a synonym of the word litigator. It should be noted that a litigator does not only represent an entity in court but also in the arbitration processes outside of court. Being a litigator calls for one to have an undergraduate degree in law and a specialization in any relevant field. The years of experience vary with the employer but typically fall between one to five years.

One of the best attorneys specialized in litigation in the Philadelphia area is Litigation Attorney Karl Heideck. Karl Heideck completed his undergraduate degree in Arts at the Swarthmore College and then attended the Temple University-James E Beasley School of Law for further studies. Since then, Karl Heideck has worked for a couple of organizations as an associate lawyer, a project attorney and currently as a contract attorney.

Karl Heideck is a very competent litigator, and his record and experience racked up over the years say it all. Karl Heideck is a licensed practitioner and has been in the law field for long enough to offer you excellent litigation services.


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