A look at the World of Anime


The 21st century pushed the anime industry to another level. Anime has developed over several years to accommodate several genres as well as numerous characters starring in thousands of TV shows and Movies. Some of the most popular anime characters include:


Edward Elric

The young character starred in the TV series ‘Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood’ that graced the TV screens between April 2009 and July 2010. Elric, who is as a young alchemist prodigy, is primarily motivated to return his younger brother to his original body. His brother, Alphonse, was lost in a failed human transmutation. What makes Elric even more popular and a people’s darling is how he is physically incapacitated but highly skilled in the art of war. Apparently, that’s what motivates him to go on a mission to return his brother. The TV show had 64 episodes with a rating of over 9.26.

Sakata Gintoki

The comedy anime character is just hilarious. Gintoki stars in the TV series ‘Gintama’, which aired between April 2015 and March 2016. Gintoki struggles to survive in an era when aliens have raided his village and his race no longer needed. How he meddles through to survive is what makes the character adorable.


Other popular characters include Zoldyck Killua in the show Hunter X Hunter (2011), Okazaki Tomoya in the TV Series Clannad: After Story (Oct. 2008-Mar. 2009) and Makunouchi Ippo in the TV series Hajime no Ippo (Oct. 2000- Mar. 2002).



Anime Action: some of the best anime on netflix in the action movie category include Naruto, Bleach and One Piece among others. Animie comedy movies include Nichijou, School Rumble and Little Busters.

There are other genres like romance, Tragedy, Psychological and History that you can explore.

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