EOS Lip Balm Makes a Dent in Chap Stick Empire

There is a certain amount of trouble that comes forth when a company does not put forth the right amount of focus towards customers. Chap Stick has a large customer base for a long time, but it only took a short time for a company like EOS to come in and change things, https://www.fastcompany.com/3063333/startup-report/the-untold-story-of-how-lip-balm-upstart-eos-outdid-chapstick. This is now the company that has managed to elevate to the top of the lip balm industry.

EOS is changing things for the better because it brings a level of excitement to lip balm that has never been seen before. It is like a real treat for many women that may have never been able to find a long lasting lip balm to get one that lasts for a long time. It is evident that more people are going to use the Evolution of Smooth because it has a buzz that is strong in social media, especially on Facebook. Celebrities like this, and this has made people take interest in what EOS lip balm is doing.

Millions of units of the lip balm is sold each month. This not something those ChapStick executives were ready for. In fact, most competitors in this industry were not ready to connect with customers the way that Evolution of Smooth connected with customers. It was as if this company had finally moved into a space as an overnight juggernaut. The reality, however, was that this was a company that was rising to the top because there was so much strategic planning in place. Years had already been spent devising the right plans for connecting to Target customers. There were plans for the way that this product was shaped.

A look at the World of Anime


The 21st century pushed the anime industry to another level. Anime has developed over several years to accommodate several genres as well as numerous characters starring in thousands of TV shows and Movies. Some of the most popular anime characters include:


Edward Elric

The young character starred in the TV series ‘Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood’ that graced the TV screens between April 2009 and July 2010. Elric, who is as a young alchemist prodigy, is primarily motivated to return his younger brother to his original body. His brother, Alphonse, was lost in a failed human transmutation. What makes Elric even more popular and a people’s darling is how he is physically incapacitated but highly skilled in the art of war. Apparently, that’s what motivates him to go on a mission to return his brother. The TV show had 64 episodes with a rating of over 9.26.

Sakata Gintoki

The comedy anime character is just hilarious. Gintoki stars in the TV series ‘Gintama’, which aired between April 2015 and March 2016. Gintoki struggles to survive in an era when aliens have raided his village and his race no longer needed. How he meddles through to survive is what makes the character adorable.


Other popular characters include Zoldyck Killua in the show Hunter X Hunter (2011), Okazaki Tomoya in the TV Series Clannad: After Story (Oct. 2008-Mar. 2009) and Makunouchi Ippo in the TV series Hajime no Ippo (Oct. 2000- Mar. 2002).



Anime Action: some of the best anime on netflix in the action movie category include Naruto, Bleach and One Piece among others. Animie comedy movies include Nichijou, School Rumble and Little Busters.

There are other genres like romance, Tragedy, Psychological and History that you can explore.

When Securus Technologies Becomes a Useful Tool

Would you like to know what you can do to make communications easier? By utilizing the Securus Technologies platform, a friend, family member, or a significant other can utilize this program to keep in touch with an inmate who is currently incarcerated and may want to keep in touch.


By contacting a customer service specialist, you will be able to speak with someone who will be able to provide you with the assistance that is necessary to get your communications started with simple and easy to use navigational steps. The program has been designed with ease of use in its mind for all customers.


The Securus Technologies program is a wonderful opportunity for authoritative figures to solve crimes as some conversations that are had may have an effect of revealing certain details to things that are currently occurring in the correctional facility the inmate is jailed in. As a result, whatever is being said can be utilized as evidence. The types of crimes that can be solved through the utilization of Securus Technologies are inmate on inmate crime, corruption of jail officials, and even crime that may be occurring outside of the correctional facilities.


Securus Technologies has come in to be very useful for all who have utilized it and it accredited by the BBB, the top business accreditation agency in the country. Why not chose to communicate via means of video conferencing when it is available? You surely will not regret making the decision of downloading and beginning to use this program. Contact your loved one using a tool that has been designed for your ease of use.  It has been designed with security as one of its top priorities as well.


Every Texan Needs Customized Retirement Planning To Enjoy The Lifestyle They Envision For Themselves

When clients engage Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions, he provides them with a customized plan for reaching their financial goals, taking into account their current income, liquidity needs and their retirement goals.

As these are different for everyone, Richard Blair Wealth Solution gets to know each client personally, which is why he only accepts individuals, families and small business owners from Greater Austin, Texas community. In addition to offering long-term investment strategies, Blair also ensures that his clients have adequate insurance coverage, such as liability insurance, to protect their assets from unforeseen events.

As retirement planning is one of Blair’s specialties, he has expertise in when it is most advantageous for his clients to begin taking Social Security, how to minimize his client’s post-retirement tax burden and determining the appropriate income to ensure client’s have enough money for the retirement lifestyle that they envision.

According to Wealth Minder, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions also holds a Certified Estate and Trust Specialist (CES) designation, which enables him to offer clients sound advice on will preparation, conservatorships and other financial planning strategies for persons who are concerned about what will happen to their assets after their demise.

Through his firm, Wealth Solutions, Blair offers wealth management services, creating an appropriately diversified portfolio for clients with investments that match their risk tolerance levels. Instead of simply telling his clients where to invest their money, Blair takes a more customer-centric approach by educating individuals about their options and then involving them in the decision making process.

Since Blair is an independent financial advisor, he will recommend a wide range of investment options, without bias toward any specific product. Putting his client’s best interests first, Blair adheres to this own code of ethics and the ethical codes required by his numerous certifications.

On Wealth Management’s website, Blair maintains a blog where he offers easy-to-understand advice regarding complex topics, including Medigap supplemental insurance, reverse mortgages, long-term care insurance and other subjects that will interest men and women who are beginning to plan for their retirement.

OSI Group’s Food Solutions

OSI Group is a privately owned American holding company that deals in food processing. The company not only deals with custom food development but also the management of food supply chain. The company also delivers custom food products that meet every customer’s requirement.

The food giant is vigilant when it comes to issues concerning health, safety, and environmental protection. It takes various measures to counter risks that may arise in the areas mentioned above. It is due to the company’s vigilance that the British Safety Council awarded it the prestigious globe of honor. It was one of the 18 organizations in the world awarded this honor. This award says a lot since, in order to compete for it, a company has to have five stars in the British Safety Council’s environmental management audit.

The company has 65 facilities with 20, 000 employees in 17 countries. These numbers show that the company provides employment on a global scale. OSI Group, being privately owned, operates like a small company and can boast of careers in shipping, accounting, and quality assurance to mention just a few.

In its efforts to expand its market, the company recently purchased Baho food, a Dutch company that deals in convenience foods, deli meats, and snacks. This ensured a greater presence in the European market and broadened its capabilities to serve the evolving needs of its customers.

The company’s acquisition of Flagship Europe also gave it a broader market In Europe. It will also generate great benefits in terms of resources and market.

OSI also purchased Tyson Foods based in Chicago. Tyson as a company was already failing and had laid off several workers and risked shutting down. It failed to keep up with continuously changing customer demands and was thus barely functional when the purchase was made. The company is closely located to OSI’s other ventures based in Chicago and therefore provides great infrastructure for growth and development.

OSI’s commitment to making their customers a priority and meeting the challenges that come with this make it a great force in the US. Winning the Globe of Honor last year demonstrated the company’s commitment to health and environmental issues. This offers a great deal of comfort and assurance to the customers when consuming their products.

Their continued effort in expansion through the several purchases broadens their market and allows the company to keep up with continuously changing customer needs and preferences. This makes OSI group one of the best companies in America and the world over.

An Overview of the Litigation Process

Karl Heideck can help litigate your case.
Karl Heideck and the litigation process

Litigation is simply a word that describes the proceedings associated with two antagonizing entities, aimed at either enforcing or defending a legal right. Usually, litigation is settled by a consensus being reached between the two parties, but in some cases, it may be decided by a judge in court. Litigation is often confused as another name for a lawsuit. Litigation constitutes all the activities before, during and after a lawsuit aimed at enforcing a legal right. In a nutshell, the scope covered by litigation is far much wider than that covered by a lawsuit.

The litigation process is initiated the instance an individual decides to defend or enforce their legal rights officially. This often happens when an entity settles on a particular attorney and decides that he or she will be representing the entity’s rights. From here, many pre-suit litigation procedures, for instance, the drafting of a demand letter, which requires that the victim be compensated for injury or damage. The pre-suit litigation processes are very dynamic and mostly depend on the circumstances surrounding the particular case.

Find a litigator near you, click here.

A litigator is a law practitioner who drives a lawsuit through the whole judicial process. The word trial lawyer can sometimes be used as a synonym of the word litigator. It should be noted that a litigator does not only represent an entity in court but also in the arbitration processes outside of court. Being a litigator calls for one to have an undergraduate degree in law and a specialization in any relevant field. The years of experience vary with the employer but typically fall between one to five years.

One of the best attorneys specialized in litigation in the Philadelphia area is Litigation Attorney Karl Heideck. Karl Heideck completed his undergraduate degree in Arts at the Swarthmore College and then attended the Temple University-James E Beasley School of Law for further studies. Since then, Karl Heideck has worked for a couple of organizations as an associate lawyer, a project attorney and currently as a contract attorney.

Karl Heideck is a very competent litigator, and his record and experience racked up over the years say it all. Karl Heideck is a licensed practitioner and has been in the law field for long enough to offer you excellent litigation services.

See: http://www.legaldirectories.com/Heideck-Karl-576691-Atty.aspx

Straight Razor Uses and Donald Scott NYC’s Amazing Products!

Straight Razor Uses and Donald Scott NYC’s Amazing Products!



Many stylists however, are using straight razors to create some of today’s most up to date hair cuts for both men and women.




Why should stylists and barbers consider using straight razors to cut hair? Straight razors can be used to create a myriad of fashionable hair styles. Today’s trends can be made by using a straight razor to provide soft and beautiful hair. Conversely, a straight razor can be used to add texture to fine, limp hair. Stylists and barbers use straight razors to gently remove a small amount of hair at a time. This will help to thin out the person’s hair which is useful in those with too much hair.



If you are interested in trying out this trendy technique for proving fashionable cuts, then Donald Scott NYC is where you should start. Donald Scott NYC has straight razors and a ton of hair cutting and styling products available in person or online.  And if you are interested in checking out Donald Scott NYC’s products be sure to check out the website www.donaldscottnyc.com for more information.


Groom Stick Pro from WPRNY on Vimeo.

I Used Securus This Christmas Dinner

Securus has helped our family plan and put together a lovely family dinner. I wanted our family dinner to double as the time when we would see our cousins who are in jail. We are hardly together as a family, and I believed it much simpler to call them with the family gathered. This was impossible not long ago, and Securus has created the best video calling network in the world. This article explains how we use Securus for every video call to jails far and wide.


#1: What Does Securus Do?


Securus is an application we all keep on our phones, and we downloaded it through their website when we signed up for their service.


#2: They Are Reliable


We wanted to have a proper video call with our cousins, and we knew Securus would be in operation when we placed our calls. We placed our phones on the table, and we rotated from one person to another to talk. I enjoyed placing the call because they were so clear, and we all had a chance to talk to our cousins. Nieces, nephews, aunts and uncles all participated in the calls, and it felt very good to have the talks we planned. We had dinner after, and we all felt uplifted.


#3: They Are Helpful


Securus has been nothing bu helpful when I call them, and I believe anyone may call them for help with their accounts. I had my friends call in to set up their accounts, and they were helped by nice people who want us to talk to our family. I feel completely safe when placing calls with Securus, and their staff is quite reassuring when I speak to them. We all need a bit of help to speak to family, and I enjoy being in a place where I am not cut off from family.


Securus brought us together at the Christmas table, and I feel better having talked to my cousins. They are lovely people who deserve a second chance, and I believe they will turn their lives around when they get out of prison. We must keep in contact through Securus until that day comes.


Billy McFarland Provides the Millennial with Boundless Networking Opportunities

Persons, within the Millennial set, are making tremendous in-roads, in making use of Billy McFarland’s invention of the black Magnises card. The card provides the Millennial with a comprehensive solution, relative to all of his or her business social networking requirements.

The black Magnises card is useful, to the Millennial, as it pertains to the following networking opportunities:

1) It provides the Millennial easy access into the city’s best nightclubs. The user of it merely flashes his prestigious, black card and he or she gains entry, with no wait time.

2) It allows the user of it to enjoy sensational discounts, relative to some of the city’s best eateries and places where libations are served, regularly.

3) It comes with invitations to special, private events.

4) A handy app makes it possible for the Magnises user to choose his or her selected daily activity, at a discount.

5) The user is able to make use of the company’s Penthouse location, for daytime meetings.

The Guardian says that the best way, according to Billy McFarland, creator of the Magnises card, to attain the “must have,” card is to go online and make application. The application is thoughtfully reviewed.

McFarland mentions that the Magnises team wishes to attain membership from individuals who truly wish to embrace the concept of networking amongst Millennial professionals. There is a reasonable $250 membership annual fee.

PodcastOne Chair Norman Pattiz Announces the Latest Jericho Network Program “Beyond The Darkness”

Norman Pattiz, the founder and executive chair of PodcastOne, has announced the release of a new podcast dubbed “Beyond the Darkness”. PodcastOne is the largest podcast network that is advertiser-supported in America. It will be WWE’s star Chris Jericho’s newest show on his podcast network under the umbrella of PodcastOne. It will feature entertaining and informing discussions with renowned researchers in the world about ghouls, aliens, ghosts, angels, miracles, mysteries, miracles and demons. It will be hosted by Dave Schrader (author and radio host) and Tim Dennis, a host and radio producer. New episodes are expected to be released weekly n Mondays on iTunes, PodcastOne.com and the PodcastOne app.



The Jericho Network Collection



Pattiz stated that Chris Jericho had distinguished himself to being among the PodcastOne network jewels. He went on to say that the network was optimistic that “The Jericho Network” collection would evolve to offer more apart from wrestling. Jericho has in the past brought comedians and has taken the network to the paranormal with the newly launched “Beyond the Darkness”. Chris Jericho on his part said that he was elated to make the announcement of the new addition (Beyond the Darkness) to his network. He appreciated the fact that Tim Dennis and Dave Schrader would bring a huge fan base to the network.



About Norman Pattiz



Pattiz founded Westwood One and under his stewardship it rose to become the largest radio network in America. It provided news, entertainment, sportstraffic and talk programming in the Broadcast industry. Westwood One owned and also distributed CBS News, NBC radio networks, NFL Football, Mutual Broadcasting System, March Madness, NCAA Basketball, the Super Bowl and the summer and winter Olympics. Pattiz in 2010 created the Courtside Entertainment Group as well as PodcastOne Sales (national leader in podcast sales and marketing) and PodcastOne recently.



In 2000, he was appointed by the then president Clinton and his predecessor President Bush reappointed him in 2002 to serve on Broadcasting Board of Governors of the USA. BBG oversees all the nonmilitary broadcasting services in the US that include “Radio Free Europe”, “The Voice of America”, “Middle East Broadcasting” and “Radio Liberty” among others. He conceived and launched Americas Arabic speaking television and radio services to all the 22 Middle East countries and the Farsi language that broadcasted to Iran to an audience of more than 40 million listeners.

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