José AuriemoNeto Leading the Brazilian Business World

José AuriemoNeto has worked as the President and CEO of the JHSF Company since 2003. José AuriemoNeto joined the company in 1993 while he worked to found the service department of the company. José AuriemoNeto created the management company in charge of parking in 1997. José AuriemoNeto served as the CEO of the JHSF Company from 2006 to 2014. In 2009, José AuriemoNeto was also appointed to serve as the Member of the Executive Board of the JHSF Company based in Brazil. In 1998, José AuriemoNeto obtained the rights to develop the JHSF shopping center in the country. This was the commencement of his success in the Brazilian business world.

JHSF Company is one of the few companies in Brazil that operate in other sectors such as hotels, real estate development, shopping malls, and gastronomy. JHSF was founded in 1972to act as one of the most prominent companies in investment and activity in the highest economic sections of the Brazilian business. The company also operates in many other sections and countries such as Uruguay and the United States.

JHSF prides itself as it was the first company in Brazil to prioritize the recurrent assets as income. This action included the hotels, the airports, and shopping malls. They also prioritized the estate projects. For all their many years of operation in the international business, the company counts more than six million square feet of construction as per the 2017 development summit retrieval. In 2017, the JHSF Company stated that it has a market value on the stock market that exceeds $1.2 billion. Click here to know more.

In 1972, JHSF Company was founded in Sao Paulo by two brothers. The company commenced by performing initial investment capabilities in a way that associates with better income solutions. Because of their solutions to the business world, they have kept on growing in all dimensions.

Avaaz Takes Activism to Into the Digital Age

The human rights and civil liberty group, Avaaz has grown in a short period of time to become one of the world’s most effective activist groups with members around the world. Founded in January 2007, Avaaz has been able to create such a positive impact on the world through the range of different approaches the group takes to choosing and completing its different campaigns, which include campaigns dedicated to human rights, social justice, and the environment.

The idea behind the Avaaz group was to make sure the people of the world had the chance to impact the lives of all those around them no matter if they shared a geographical location; the Internet has opened up a number of opportunities for individuals to learn about issues facing the world and to impact them in a positive way. For Avaaz, the role of the activist has expanded to include exploring the possibilities open to activists through the completion of Online petitions and email messaging campaigns. Issues such as climate change are seen by Avaaz as a global issue needing to be addressed by all concerned global citizens who should be allowed to participate in campaigns to make a positive change to the direction the world is moving in.

Avaaz has been looking for a new way of addressing major issues caused by the rise of the capitalist threat created by business leaders ignoring the problems facing the planet. One of the major issues addressed by Avaaz has been taking on the threat of corruption which has been a major problem in countries such as Brazil where Avaaz has built a strong following for the success achieved by the group.


Todd Lubar Believes in Smart Technology

Todd Lubar is a real estate agent that likes to combine technology with trusted real estate practices. He has been interested in smart homes since the trend began. Smart technology let’s home owners control their homes from anywhere in the world.

Smart technology in homes is used in wide variety of applications that are connected to the Internet. This means that most technology is connected via a mobile phone or computer to run the technology. Smart homes gives owners the ability to control locks on doors, lighting, heating, and running appliances.

Many builders are implementing these features when they build apartments, condos, and homes today. This technology makes it easier for disabled people to perform daily task. An example is a blind man cannot see the light switch. With smart technology he can activate the lights with his voice. Their are similar innovations for appliances, locks, heat, and utilities.

Popular features with home builders are digital locks, keypad interfaces, automated window shades, appliances, and security features. It is predicted that most home will have smart technology in the next 30 years.

This technology makes it easier for normal and handicapped people. Smart technology reduces the chance of dangerous accidents and gives those with limitations a sense of independence. These are some of reasons Todd Lubar invests in smart technology and real estate. See,

He is owner and president of TDL global ventures. Todd Lubar has worked in real estate and finance for many years. Other industries has has worked in are scrap metal recycling industry and commercial demolition. He has a B.A in Speech Communications from Syracuse University.

TDL gives business loans to help them fulfill their dreams. Todd Lubar ( believes his organizational skills make him a good business man. He says building a successful business is hard work. You have to get up in the morning work hard, take a break and work some more.

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Jose Auriemo Neto Success in JHSF Company

JHSF is the leading real estate sector with the highest income gain in Brazil, which operates in both commercial and residential market acquisitions. Additionally, JHSF deals in the development and management of shopping centers, international executive airports, and upscale hotels. Founded in 1972, the company is famous for its ability to identify and manipulate potential business opportunities in its areas of operation. Further, innovativeness and the ability to produce quality and sustainable projects are some of the qualities residents in Brazil admire in the company.

Over the years, JHSF has extended its services in different areas such as Sao Paulo, Manus, and Salvador. Comprising of four business units, the company has extended its services different sectors such as malls and hotels & restaurants. In recent years, JHSF has prioritized in the implementation of projects in urban development and high-standard hotels. Consequently, the company’s market share has experienced a significant increase, which has greatly boosted the company’s revenue. Jose Auriemo Neto is the current chairperson of the developer JHSF. To know more about JHSF click here.

About Jose Auriemo Neto

Entrepreneur Jose Auriemo Neto is the current chairperson and chief executive of JHSF Company. The 38-year-old businessman better known as Zeco has been the executive chairperson since the year 2003. Auuriemo’s role in the company is focused on the development of commercial and residential housing in Brazil. Additionally, Jose administers JHSF’s retail portfolios, which includes Bela Vista, Metro Tucuruv shopping complex just to mention a few. Further, Jose is in charge of the two developments currently under construction in Sao Paulo.

In the year 2009, Auriemo Neto witnessed JHSF make their first venture into the retail market and several critical moves in the company such as the signing of the partnership agreement with Pucci and Jimmy Choo Companies. In the year 2012, the company also partnered with Valentino Company and went ahead to launch R.E.D Valentino stores.

Securus Technologies Helping Stop Drug Usage in Jail

One of the things that me and my fellow corrections officers spend a great deal of our time in the jail addressing is drug usage. Even a very calm and quiet inmate who recently tried cocaine, crack, or heroin, could go from easy to detain to impossible to control. We have had instances where a larger inmate using heroin in the jail took over six officers just to get him detained. Not only are these inmates who use drugs a danger to themselves, they put my team, the staff, other inmates, and all the visitors in harm’s way as well.


In an effort to keep the drugs out of the hands of the inmates, me and my fellow officers will go through a number of daily routines that are designed to clean up our facility. We will check all incoming mail for any traces of contraband. We will search inmate cells for things that do not belong. We will search inmates and guests when they enter the visitor center. We will even listen to the inmates on the phone in case they are discussing ways to access drugs.


When Securus Technologies installed that call monitoring system in our facility, we didn’t realize how effective it would be in controlling drugs getting to our jail. The LBS software allows officers to be in two places at the same time, while it closely monitors calls for any verbiage we input. Now when the inmates are asking family to bring drugs, talking about when they use drugs, or how they hide drugs, we can take swift action to make sure we eliminate as many of these threats as we possibly can.


This year we have slowed down the flow of drugs in the jail to where it has become more manageable and we see less instances of violence related to drug use.


The Excellence of Sheldon Lavin

The Excellence of Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin is the chairman and CEO of the OSI Group. The OSI Group is based in Aurora, Illinois. It employs more than 20,000 people today. Lavin is responsible for the company’s success and its operations in international markets. Lavin had a long career as a financial consultant before joining the company. He has a degree in Business with a major in Accounting and Finance.

Lavin was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award by RMS US for his contributions towards the business community in Chicago in 2015. The Vision World Academy in India awarded him with a Global Visionary Award in March 2016. The award program honors professionals who have been able to achieve their goals through persistence and perseverance. Lavin was considered for the award because he had been able to guide the OSI Group into a global conglomerate.

Mr. Lavin was interviewed by the CEOCFO Magazine three months ago. He started by saying that he had always wanted to own a business and this is what attracted him to OSI. He became involved with the meat processing industry when he arranged the financing for Otto & Sons. His involvement with the company led him to become an owner of the enterprise. Otto & Sons company was later renamed the OSI Group.

Lavin explained that the firm has always been passionate about giving back and that is why they have fostered a relationship with charities. One of the charities that they have been involved with is the Ronald McDonald House Charities. His vision for the company from the beginning has been to grow it into a food-processing enterprise that can compete on the global stage. Lavin envisions that the firm will continue to operate as a profitable venture because of the talent that it has.


Logan Stout; A Defining Speaker In The World

Logan stout is an accomplished business owner, an entrepreneur, one of the bestselling authors, a leadership trainer, a motivator, a keynote speaker and a philanthropist. Through his career, he has generated billions of dollars. His credibility and outstanding record in leadership, mentorship, and team building and success principles has grown him to not only be successful in his career but also to be the most sought after momentous speakers in the entire world.

Logan Stout has been able to impact audience with his advice and life changing messages which have seen him stand room packed audiences for years. Stout’s messages to his listeners have been able to take them through step by step success path in a sequential manner. All his listeners who desire to be or do and even have more in life have found the path to follow to attain their goals. He says that the first step has to start with the individual. If you believe in something, it will motivate you, the vision will guide the way, and the courage will act on your belief.

Stout’s latest business venture is on health and wellness. He launched his new company in 2014 which he called the IDLife, LLC. He partnered with Troy Aikman, celebrity trainer Jen Wilderstrom and billionaire, Darwin Deason to help people understand the importance of health and wellness. They also aim at educating people on nutritional products. The IDLife was named on the 100 Solid top MLM companies in the world.

Logan’s greatest desire is to help others to build quality leadership skills. In 2014 he published a book with the title, “The secrets of building yourself’’. The information contained in this book has impacted on many readers helping them to strive to reach their god given potential. He has also partnered with the most popular Leadership expert in the World, John Maxwell to reach the 196 nations of the world with the important information on Leadership.

Stout is the founder and the CEO of one of the largest Organizations in the world called the Dallas Patriots baseball organization. Logan Stout holds a degree in business from Panola and also a Psychology Degree from the University of Dallas. He also has background knowledge in Youth Ministry and a Pro baseball.

Bernardo Chua Enhancement of Organo Gold

Bernardo Chua is one of the blossoming businessmen who always ensures that he provide better services to his clients. He began from the bottom and became where he is right now due to the devotion and the effort he put through. Furthermore, he is the CEO of OrganO Gold that mostly deals in using direct sales technique.

Through his entire career, he has always offered better services to their clients hence ensuring they he is always ahead of his competitive entrepreneurs. Organo Gold de develops rapidly due to them using direct sales which enable them to also be known all over the world.

The experience and skills he has in the sector o0f network marketing also enable the company to improve. The organization also deliver good coffee and other produce hence making the company satisfy their client’s needs.

Bernardo Chua has been awarded numerous award due to the commitment and effort he always shows from the services he provided including National Consumer Award whereby he was given in the year 2014 and also Dangal ng Byan is a People’s Choice.

These awards motivated him in providing more services and also him devoting himself to also guiding another prominent entrepreneur to also achieve their objective in life hence transforming their lives.

As the top food industry that uses direct sales the organization ensure they partner with other organization to improve the products which they provide and also expand their business in other parts of the country which will improve their profits.

A lot of time he makes sure that Bernado always advise organization and entrepreneurs to use direct sales because it will make them accomplish their objective.

The organization also ensure they provide better surroundings to their clients so they can work swiftly and serve their client’s priority first. The uniqueness of the company production of coffee its sweet and taste better so satisfying clients diet.

The organization also provide employment to a lot of individuals whereby they more than million suppliers globally and it’s also recognized as the 55th largest company in direct sales globally hence transforming their lives for the best.

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Tammy Mazzocco is Real Estate in Central Ohio

Tammy Mazzocco has been in the real estate business a long time in Pickerington, Ohio, which is located just Southeast of Columbus. She works the city, as well as the four surrounding counties. Her biggest thrill is being able to find just the right house for a family from out of town and seeing the tears of joy in their eyes as they are overwhelmed by their new purchase.

Tammy Mazzocco began her real estate journey as a secretary to a commercial real estate company and remained in a support role for several years. Finally, she had seen enough people move into real estate sales where they did very well financially, so she decided that she could do it too, and it was a great decision for her career. You can visit LinkedIn to know more.

Tammy is a people person and she runs her business in that way because real estate is a people business. When people are satisfied with their treatment, they are much more likely to do business. Tammy makes sure that her customers are satisfied.

When people are looking for houses in a new area they are usually out of sorts because they are not familiar at all with the geography, and secondly they are in a tight financial situation. They are about to make the biggest financial decision they have ever made. Tammy makes it her mission to calm them down and depend totally on her. That makes for a great sales environment because she has the answers. Check out Crunchbase to know more.

Tammy likes to work by setting daily goals, and then she breaks them down so that they are smaller and easier to work with. When the bites are smaller, it is easier to eat the cake. She does her homework in each area where she shows houses as to the schools, shopping, neighborhoods, financing, and all of the amenities. When she has the facts she gets the sale.

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Getting to Know Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions

People from the state of Texas know Richard Blair for his involvement with Wealth Solutions. With experience in various fields such as CFS, RICP, CES as well as CAS, no one can match the skills of Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions. This is an indication that he is very qualified and skilled in these fields. In the state of Texas, Richard Blair helps his clients with various issues such as asset management, wealth management as well as helping them grow on a personal level. However, Richard Blair has only managed to achieve this feat through Wealth Solutions that he established many years ago. The success has also been contributed to the fact that Richard Blair and his firm operates as a Registered Investment Advisory firm. Learn more:


For people to succeed in life particularly finance, Richard Blair believes that they should have a solid plan about their goals. This is the reason why he drains all his energy in wealth management services as well as retirement plans for the senior citizens. His plan has several sections and works using a three pillar approach. Through this approach, Blair and his firm are able to troubleshoot the retirement needs of the client as well as their financial situation. With this taken care of, it’s, therefore, possible to devise a holistic plan that suits the needs of the client. Learn more:


The first pillar in this plan by Richard Blair involves designing the financial roadmap for the client. With this pillar, the main aim is to identify the growth opportunities of this plan, its risk tolerance as well as its goals and strengths. Richard Blair has this belief that the easiest way to help a client is understanding where they come from. This allows them to design a roadmap that the client can follow without necessarily straining themselves. The second pillar according to Richard Blair is developing a long-term strategy for the client that will enable the client to meet their objectives financially. This is where Richard Blair and his team checks on the investment goals and liquidity needs of the involved parties. Learn more:


The last pillar involves taking care of the insurance needs. This is the part where annuities, life insurance and long-term care needs are taken care of. Richard Blair career and thinking have been shaped by the women in her life when growing up. His mother and grandmother taught him the importance of confidence in anything in life. They also taught him the importance of knowledge. Learn more: