The infrastructure keeps growing daily in San Antonio. During transportation forum for the Texas Department which was held in San Antonio, this week, Mike Heiligenstein the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority Executive Director addressed the issue.In another interview, Mike Heiligenstein got to address a myriad of issues which affect the infrastructure from Austin to Texas. The transportation agency boss Executive Director pointed out that over 80% of the traffic affecting the region is local.


Therefore to reduce it, the people in the area should change their traveling habits.This means even if the footpaths and lanes are increased changes would be minimal.In many places, this was also impossible since the road cannot bypass the wishes of neighborhoods.On the issue of reduced toll roads, the CTRMA Executive Director pointed out that it’s not the only solution. He revealed that the most recent expansion of 183A was completely funded by investor community in Austin through user revenue and not tax dollars. In fact, the investors surpassed the investors surpassed the offering by over ten times of the $300 million which was requested.


He continued to encourage investors to look into San Antonio and Austin for long-term sustainable development projects. The construction of 183A toll road was done by CTRMA. The transportation agency has managed to improve its efficiency by introducing exclusive electronic tolling and video billing.The CTRMA boss also offered some pointers on solving the traffic on Eagle Ford Shale.


Mike Heiligenstein revealed that the county roads don’t have the stamina to sustain heavy trucks and even modern farm machinery; therefore, it was up to the county administrations to charge the trucks on the roads in the county using toll tags.He also suggested that these counties should create a zone where the tax for the trucks and heavy machines would be increased. The former Williamson County Commissioner also revealed that the Commerce Department of Texas is working towards providing funds to the counties which would not be able to afford this move.


About Mike Heiligenstein:


Mike Heiligenstein is the CTRMA Executive Director. He works on boards such as The Tunnel and Turnpike Association, The Texas Transportation Institute, the International Bridge boards. In addition to this, he has also worked for 30 years as a public official as a city council member for Round Rock City and as a county commissioner.


The transportation agency boss is also passionate about bicycle and pedestrian facilities, and he has really worked hard on improving them.The former county commissioner has an M.B.A, a Masters of Government and a Government Degree from the University of Texas.

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