Meet the Best Prostate Cancer Oncologist in United States, Dr. David Samadi

Dr. David Samadi is a leading oncologist and urologist. He uses his own robotic surgery treatment Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Treatment (SMART), to treat prostate cancer in case of surgical treatment. Being a specialist in the treatment of prostate cancer, Dr. Samadi recommends Surgical treatment other than radiation treatment especially for patients whose cancer has not spread beyond the prostate. This is because the patient is able to enjoy a total recovery in most cases as well as remain sexually active.

Dr. Samadi is able to perform about 500 davci prostatectomies, annually, with the assistance of his committed and supportive team in the operation room. This way he has successively completed more than 7000 surgeries. He uses minimally invasion surgery making him the leading prostate cancer Oncologist in New York City. He was the highest paid surgeon in New York in 2012, receiving $7.6 million.

Dr. Samadi is the Lenox Hospital’s Chief of Robotic Surgery of Urology and Chairman or Urology. He has held the position since June 2013. previously, he served in the Department of Urology as the Chief of Minimally Invasion Surgery as well as the Chief of Urology Division in the Department of Urology at Mount Sinai Hospital.

Dr. David Samadi started his career at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, before joining Mount Sinai School of Medicine in 2007. In 2013, Samadi and his team moved to Lenox Hill Hospital, where he is working to date. He also lectures at the School of Medicine of Hofstra North Shore University as the professor of Urology. He also trains his fellow urologists on the usage of the da Vinci® robotic surgical system. He is among the few surgeons trained in robotic, surgery-open and laparoscopic in the entire of United States.

Early Life

David Samadi was born and raised in Iran in a Persian Jewish community. He and his brother left Iran in 1979, at the age of 15 years, to Belgium and then London where they carried on their education. Samadi immigrated to New York in the United States for his high school studies. He studied biochemistry at Stony Brook University, and later on went to the school of medicine in the same university where he graduated with an M.D in 1994. Samadi went to Montefiore Medical Center for postgraduate studies in Urology and then to Albert Einstein College of Medicine for proctology training and later on to Montefiore Medical Center until 2000.

Samadi is a weekly contributor for Fox News Health in Fox News Channel since 2011. He is also the Medical Consultant in the same TV channel since 2009.