Jason Hope Predicts Big Advancements In The Future

Jason Hope is an experienced entrepreneur, writer, and commentator on rising tech trends. Through his expertise, talent and availability to the public, he is quickly being recognized as an experienced authority in the technology world. Jason Hope writes a strong proponent of the Internet of Things and believes it to be one of the greatest advancements in recent tech industry history.The Internet of Things revolves around connecting technology and allowing different devices to sync together. This technology is not limited to computers and smartphones—it includes cars, street lights, kitchen appliances and more. This will revolutionize the current way businesses are run and will lead to a complete turnaround in the tech industry.

Hope explains that this could very well be the most influential and significant investment today’s corporations will be involved in. As more and more businesses become involved in the Internet of Things, the more relevant it will become until it is a staple in all businesses and corporations. Eventually, almost all devices will have the ability to connect together seamlessly.Right now, most people use a computer or smartphone to get online. In the near future, this technology will be expanded and eventually people will be using their phones to turn off electricity or make a cup of coffee. This will lead to a race between companies to produce the most relevant and trendy apps that utilize the Internet of Thing’s technology.

Not only is this advancement revolutionary, but it will also eliminate waste and can improve public safety by improving public transportation and the maintenance of public areas. Trains and bus routes will be more easily and efficiently monitored, and dangerous road situations will be easy to avoid. There will also be improvements emergency response times and GPS tracking of accidents will be more accurate.Jason Hope is a philanthropist that supports many organizations that work to better the lives of many people. One prominent group he supports is SENS, a foundation that has an interest in anti aging and works create longer and better lives for everyone.Hope, an Arizona native, is a futurist which means he looks toward healthy improvements in the future. He is dedicated to creating a better world through philanthropy and his ambitious business entrepreneurship.

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