Cotemar: The Leader in Offshore Oil & Gas Services

Natural Resources are the bread and butter of civilization. Without the use of natural resources, we as humans would feel like we’re living in the pre-historic era. Have you ever heard of the company Cotemar? Well, Cotemar is a leader in the gas & oil industry that hosts many vital roles such as Maritime support Operations, Oil Fields Developments, Supplies by Specialized Vessels, and many more. This is a 100% Mexican owned company that has over 37 years of experience. Cotemar offers valuable services that are certified and have been validated. The company’s business model shows a record of success thanks to it’s highly specialized team of skilled employees.

Cotemar has provided services to (Pemex) Petroleos Mexicanos since the year 1979 and this specialized company is expanding and strengthening it’s position. Being a market leader, Cotemar has been dominating the industry by adding fleets of vessels which transports personnel and materials. Food and Accomodation is another service that this business specializes in which benefits workers that are out on oil rigs. Cotemar just seems to have this sector “under lock and key,” but will all successful companies, evolving with the times is the way to stay relevant and on top. In 1996 the company expanded it’s range to five oil rigs and 3 specialized vessels at the same time. As with any business/company, safety is a priority and Cotemar definitely delivers by protecting it’s assets. As much as the natural resources themselves have value, people’s lives are the true assets. The SSPA Model protects employees that are on and offshore. This distinct Integrated Management System is the epitome of health, safety, quality, and environmental protection.

Cotemar is a large company with an even larger employee base of over 8,000 people. The company focuses on the future and it’s vision is to become and maintain it’s sustainability for years to come.


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  1. Unlike other similar companies whose only objective are to make money, Cotemar takes safety and security above and beyond all other competitors. All employees are provided with job development which involves workshops and innovative training. It is also a predictable means that has been doing this all along.

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