Securus Technologies Aims to Deploy Wireless Containment Systems to Prohibit Criminal Inmate Calls

According to the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, the dramatic transformation in communications over this past decade is also influencing the world of communications, the general public and will also positively impact the incarceration experience.


The renowned chairman also points out that the corrections departments will be able to utilize and establish more products to solve and prevent crimes as well as save lives. Below, Securus Technologies, the principal provider of criminal and civil justice technology solutions for monitoring and corrections investigations, discusses how the organization’s future technology is to create benefits for all law enforcement, friends/family, inmates as well as the whole society.


The future of the incarceration environment


In future, after an inmate is charged into a jail or prison, the inmate will be able to utilize Securus devices to communicate with authorized persons through securely recorded video, voice, email, or text messages. The Securus platforms will also be able to offer instant accounts funding over a central platform with lower call rates and access to databases that provide jobs, bail guarantors, education, legal resources, commissary, medical attention, songs, and books necessary for inmates. Securus is also presenting every means through which the inmates can use their mobile devices for a Wireless Containment Solutions on a bandwidth platform that allows the correction officials to capture essential device texting addresses and telephone numbers. This is done to ensure short-term facilities can get inmates booked and cleared out in a shorter period.


Securus will also record and monitor the necessary communications allowing the usage of all types of communications in a safe and controlled manner. Usage in this case also revolves around access to secure book databases, law libraries, job finders, facility rules, religious texts, movies, video, visitation schedules, forms, healthcare schedules, and resources among others. Securus aims to deliver all the services mentioned above with the intention of presenting the benefits at substantially lower rates. Securus also has the technology, products, and on-ground personnel to deliver the products to all correction facilities around the world.


How to address the concern of managing contraband cell phones in jails


Most recently, a couple of inmates called a hit on an innocent civilian because of a family member working in a correction facility. The order for the crime was made from inside an inmate in prison. Securus established a cell phone network that once an inmate phone has been attached, and the number dialed, the corrections officials have full control over the call. Securus has efficient technology that offers a platform where an antenna with a powerful signal attracts all prohibited inmate incoming or outgoing calls from the prison hence giving the prison staff the ability to monitor threatening calls.


Securus Technologies Helping Stop Drug Usage in Jail

One of the things that me and my fellow corrections officers spend a great deal of our time in the jail addressing is drug usage. Even a very calm and quiet inmate who recently tried cocaine, crack, or heroin, could go from easy to detain to impossible to control. We have had instances where a larger inmate using heroin in the jail took over six officers just to get him detained. Not only are these inmates who use drugs a danger to themselves, they put my team, the staff, other inmates, and all the visitors in harm’s way as well.


In an effort to keep the drugs out of the hands of the inmates, me and my fellow officers will go through a number of daily routines that are designed to clean up our facility. We will check all incoming mail for any traces of contraband. We will search inmate cells for things that do not belong. We will search inmates and guests when they enter the visitor center. We will even listen to the inmates on the phone in case they are discussing ways to access drugs.


When Securus Technologies installed that call monitoring system in our facility, we didn’t realize how effective it would be in controlling drugs getting to our jail. The LBS software allows officers to be in two places at the same time, while it closely monitors calls for any verbiage we input. Now when the inmates are asking family to bring drugs, talking about when they use drugs, or how they hide drugs, we can take swift action to make sure we eliminate as many of these threats as we possibly can.


This year we have slowed down the flow of drugs in the jail to where it has become more manageable and we see less instances of violence related to drug use.


When Securus Technologies Becomes a Useful Tool

Would you like to know what you can do to make communications easier? By utilizing the Securus Technologies platform, a friend, family member, or a significant other can utilize this program to keep in touch with an inmate who is currently incarcerated and may want to keep in touch.


By contacting a customer service specialist, you will be able to speak with someone who will be able to provide you with the assistance that is necessary to get your communications started with simple and easy to use navigational steps. The program has been designed with ease of use in its mind for all customers.


The Securus Technologies program is a wonderful opportunity for authoritative figures to solve crimes as some conversations that are had may have an effect of revealing certain details to things that are currently occurring in the correctional facility the inmate is jailed in. As a result, whatever is being said can be utilized as evidence. The types of crimes that can be solved through the utilization of Securus Technologies are inmate on inmate crime, corruption of jail officials, and even crime that may be occurring outside of the correctional facilities.


Securus Technologies has come in to be very useful for all who have utilized it and it accredited by the BBB, the top business accreditation agency in the country. Why not chose to communicate via means of video conferencing when it is available? You surely will not regret making the decision of downloading and beginning to use this program. Contact your loved one using a tool that has been designed for your ease of use.  It has been designed with security as one of its top priorities as well.


I Used Securus This Christmas Dinner

Securus has helped our family plan and put together a lovely family dinner. I wanted our family dinner to double as the time when we would see our cousins who are in jail. We are hardly together as a family, and I believed it much simpler to call them with the family gathered. This was impossible not long ago, and Securus has created the best video calling network in the world. This article explains how we use Securus for every video call to jails far and wide.


#1: What Does Securus Do?


Securus is an application we all keep on our phones, and we downloaded it through their website when we signed up for their service.


#2: They Are Reliable


We wanted to have a proper video call with our cousins, and we knew Securus would be in operation when we placed our calls. We placed our phones on the table, and we rotated from one person to another to talk. I enjoyed placing the call because they were so clear, and we all had a chance to talk to our cousins. Nieces, nephews, aunts and uncles all participated in the calls, and it felt very good to have the talks we planned. We had dinner after, and we all felt uplifted.


#3: They Are Helpful


Securus has been nothing bu helpful when I call them, and I believe anyone may call them for help with their accounts. I had my friends call in to set up their accounts, and they were helped by nice people who want us to talk to our family. I feel completely safe when placing calls with Securus, and their staff is quite reassuring when I speak to them. We all need a bit of help to speak to family, and I enjoy being in a place where I am not cut off from family.


Securus brought us together at the Christmas table, and I feel better having talked to my cousins. They are lovely people who deserve a second chance, and I believe they will turn their lives around when they get out of prison. We must keep in contact through Securus until that day comes.