Oncotarget starts Bi-weekly Publication

Oncotarget is a peer-reviewed medical journal concerning itself mainly on oncological research, information, and data. It provides in-depth information on the areas of oncology, providing insight on such subtopics as aging, microbiology, autophagy, immunology, chromosomes, and pathology. Founded in 2010, Oncotarget is published by Impact Journals through their publishing division Rapamycin Press.The editors in chief for Oncotarget are Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei V. Gudkov, both of the Roswell Park Cancer Institute.Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny has published over 200 articles in different journals, majoring mainly on the potency of oncology to work as an anti-aging agent if well researched and developed. He believes passionately that aging can be halted or even reversed if the right research is carried out and the proper methods developed through oncology.

His co-editor Dr. Andrei V. Gudkov holds a Ph.D. in experimental oncology and molecular biology from the Moscow State University in the former USSR. Dr. Gudkov is also the Senior Vice President for Basic Research of Roswell Park Cancer Institute based in Buffalo, New York. Evidently, both Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei V. Gudkov are distinguished researchers in the field of oncology and share between them a world of knowledge and experience in cancer research and treatment. They have used this knowledge and experience to establish Oncotarget as a medium where other researchers in related fields can share their work and have it reviewed by peers in their fields.

The information contained in Oncotarget has been hailed for its accuracy and relevance to the field of oncology and cancer research. This has made it one of the most important medical journals.It is behind this backdrop of continued growth and recognition that Oncotarget has moved from being to weekly to being a bi-weekly publication. Starting September 2017, Oncotarget announced that it would release bi-weekly publications available on distinguished scientific indexes and archives such as PubMed, BIOSIS Previews, EMBASE, Scopus and many others. This will ensure that researchers have an opportunity to have their work reviewed and published in the journal more often and with less wait time. People will also be able to access scientific data to enhance their knowledge on a wide range of fields in medicine.

James Dondero Announces Highland Capital Management’s Support Of Dallas Charity

James Dondero is the President of Highland Capital Management, L.P., a financial firm he co-founded in 1993 along with business partner Mark Okada. The company, which is an alternative asset investment firm, has been very successful under James Dondero leadership. This success has led the company to support a number of charitable causes, one of which was The Family Place located in Dallas, Texas, the same city that Highland Capital Management is headquartered in.

The Family Place is building a new facility, named after local philanthropist Ann Moody, will feature 40 beds for women and their children who are fleeing domestic violence. The facility will also include an area for pets to be placed as many women don’t want to leave them behind with their abusers. It will also include counseling rooms, job training, and an anti-bullying youth education program that puts on programs at area schools.

The campaign to complete the building needed an additional $2.8 million in funding to see the project through. James Dondero announced his company’s support of a challenge grant to help them attain this goal. The grant will match fifty cents on the dollar of each donation the campaign raises, up to $1 million. This money will go a long way towards helping the project reach completion.

James Dondero started his professional career in the financial industry in 1984 at Morgan Guaranty. He advanced to the role of a Corporate Bond Analyst at American Express in 1985 and in 1989 joined Protective Life Insurance Company where he helped them build a new subsidiary as their Chief Investment Officer. His success led to him, Mark Okada, and Protective Life partnering on a new startup which eventually became known as Highland Capital Management. The company is now wholly owned by Dondero and Okada.

Throughout his professional career, James Dondero has been active philanthropically. He has focused on providing funds to nonprofits that help children, education, veterans, and good public policy. He was a student at the University of Virginia McIntire School of Commerce where, while earning his degrees in Finance and Accounting, he earned the school’s highest honors.