Oncotarget is an Internationally Acclaimed Source of Reliable Scholarly Papers on a Wide Range of Disciplines Published Weekly

Many renowned researchers regularly publish their study findings in peer-reviewed journals for many professional and personal reasons. However, to be a distinguished authority in any academic discipline, you need to publicize your original work in a recognized publication that provides a source base for other scholars. A lot of scientific discoveries, innovations, or refutations of conventional theories appear in journals. That means a resource tool like OncoTarget is indispensable to any serious academician. Students at all levels of learning from undergraduates to Ph.D. holders rely on journals to substantiate their research papers. Visit his profile on Google Scholar.

OncoTarget enjoys international acclamation as a dependable source of legal scholarly articles published on a weekly basis. The journal is not only a member of COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics), but it also subscribes to all the principles of the committee. It belongs to the authoritative class of international journals that are peer-reviewed. The publication focuses on establishing the protocols of treatment employed to alleviate the suffering of cancer patients, determine cells that have the potential to be targeted for therapy, and finding the pathological premise of all cancers. Its Editor-in-Chief is Dr. Faris Farassati.

It is traditionally multidisciplinary in nature, and it can be freely accessed on the internet. On special demand, the journal can publish online papers in issues that appear weekly in keeping with the critical mission of making scientific findings widely and rapidly available. OncoTarget concentrates on new therapeutic protocols and agents on the perspective of patients about satisfaction, adherence, and quality of life, and the effect programs of management have. The journal examines the proof behind existing and new therapies with the intent of improving results, and primarily, it will pursue to determine how they are applied concerning the final acceptance and uptake by the professionals of healthcare, and the patients.

The vision of OncoTarget is to allow quick sharing of exceptional findings, to diffuse the boundaries between specialties, to nurture usage of primary clinical science to combat disease and to join various disciplines of biomedical science. The ambitious aim of the journal is life without disease.

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