Fabletics Moves Out Into Mainstream

It is safe to say the Fabletics is moving out into the mainstream when it comes to competing with other athletic clothing companies. This is the company that has capitalized heavily on the athleisure wear that is becoming so popular with female consumers today.


Kate Hudson is at the height of the growth for Fabletics, and she appears to have her mind set on becoming a dominant force in the athletic clothing industry today.


A ton of people are talking about the way that Fabletics is growing, and this gives Kate Hudson all the more reason to keep moving ahead with her company. She has become a very visible force in the industry, and people are getting the chance to actually see the way that she has been able to maneuver and make this company work even when she is so heavily connected to the entertainment industry.


She is never wavered in her dedication to her craft in entertainment, but Kate Hudson has continued to work heavily on the business aspect of promoting Fabletics. She has a strong hand in the development process of clothes for Fabletics, and she also has a great amount of interest in the way that this company is being marketed.

There definitely are a lot of things for consumers to take interest in when it comes to the way of Fabletics has transitioned over the years.


In the very beginning there was only access for Fabletics to be a company that was linked to clothing that was primarily designed by Kate Hudson. Today Kate Hudson has transitioned and actually partnered with another celebrity by the name of Demi Lovato. This is a limited partnership, but Kate Hudson has brought Demi Lovato in to add her own sense of style to Fabletics. This gives consumers even more options when it comes to the type of clothes that they have for working out.


It makes perfect sense for people to get connected to this type of company because it actually speaks to a crowd of young consumers that we’re looking for something different like this. It is no longer the company that is just providing clothing options for online shoppers. Today there are so many customers that are interested in this brand that are going to the physical stores. This is what Kate Hudson knew she wanted to do early on. She knew that opening physical stores would be the gateway to even more access to clothes that may have originally been found on the website.


This is what is typically referred to as reverse show rooming in the e-commerce industry. People may go to the website and check out the clothes that are listed online, but they may have a desire to go into a physical store and try these clothes on before they make a purchase. This is what Kate Hudson has factored in as a motivator to open more stores. She knows that some customers that may never shop online will inevitably shop in stores.


Most businesses that do showrooms have not been successful, and this is due to clients seeking cheaper enterprises that provide similar goods. Even though customers browse the showrooms, they still buy products from locally available businesses that provide the same goods.


Fabletics is a revolutionary business enterprise that focuses on building and maintaining a massive network of clients. Besides, the business network also incorporates local providers of goods and services. This marketing strategy has been very successful as it has attracted many customers. For instance, when a client goes online to purchase clothing, the data is reflected in their shopping cart as well.


Use of online data


Although using online data to stock up clothes is a good strategy, it is not a guarantee of the success of an enterprise. It is, however, essential to show the customer the correct physical and digital content.


This helps to build the clients brand journey. Relying solely on online data can also be detrimental to the business as trends in clothes keep on changing with time. It is, therefore, paramount to incorporate other sources as a means to determine your clothing stock.By using membership preferences, real-time sales activity, and store heat mapping system, you will get more accurate information.


Accessibility, people, and culture determine growth of a business


Despite the various challenges, Fabletics has continuously grown. The growth of Fabletics involved the company expanding into new territories. The expansion of Fabletics into new areas is possible due to the various customer based programs they use.


The programs include; smart distribution of goods, innovative membership deals and fast purchase option for customers. These have immensely contributed to the growth of Fabletics. Although Fabletics has faced fierce competition from Amazon, their exclusive product programs and customer based services have given them a competing chance.


When you join the Fabletics membership program, it is essential to take the survey questions. The question range from the type of workout you take the styles of outfits you prefer to even the kind of material you prefer. At the beginning of every month, Fabletics picks a range of workout clothes for you to choose from.


Product review of clothes sold at Fabletics


Discussed here is the product review of clothes sold at Fabletics. This review will focus on different aspects as discussed below.




The quality of clothes is remarkable. For instance, the quality of the Lululemon Under wonders is unrivaled. The material used in making this yoga pants is not only soft but also the pants don’t fade color. Besides, the yoga pants are designed in a way that they hold their shape and compression for an extended period.




Fabletics offers a wide variety of styles to choose. The clothes have different amazing styles and patterns. For example, the lady tops come in various styles such as; cut-outs, tops with bold patterns and even tops made from sheer fabric.


Customer service


The customer service in Fabletics is remarkable. In case you miss an outfit, you are allowed to pick another as long s they are in the same price range. Also in the case of a mistake, contacting the customer service of Fabletics is way easier and much faster.Although, there is a variety of business that deals in fashion, I would recommend Fabletics. It offers unique customer based programs and shopping at Fabletics is easier.