2 Top Benefits of A/B Testing

Operating a website for a business can be a very challenging experience for everyone involved in the design and development of the site. Since Google, Bing, Safari and other major engines have standard rules and guidelines that everyone must adhere to, creating a successful and profitable site is not as simple as some people may think. Specifically, if the business owner and their marketing teams are seeking to launch and maintain a successful site without affecting the profits. Fortunately, to ensure businesses have the information and the support that is needed to be competitive in a very demanding online marketplace, there is quite of information, tool and resources online that can assist everyone with their needs and preferences.

Some of the most notable include those tools that involve A/B testing. Because this type of testing is designed for identifying and finding answers to questions that marketing teams and designers present, this type of testing can be very benefits. Having said that, here are 2 top benefits of using A/B testing.

Benefit #1 – Provides Clear Evidence of Which Way to Go

Sometimes a business owner or a developer may want to try out different marketing strategies on their site to increase conversion rates and revenue. Since some strategies work well and others don’t, the revenues on the site can be adversely impacted greatly if they do not work as the owner envisions. Thankfully, with the use of A/B testing, the ideas that the owner envisions can be launched in a form that minimizes any problems that could adversely impact the site. This is because this type of testing helps to provide clear evidence on why the change is profitable.

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Benefits #2 – Helps to Develop New Innovative Ideas

When a site is not performing well because of a change that Google has implemented, modifications may need to be made to the site to ensure revenue remains the same. In some cases, these modifications may need to be innovative or revolutionary. To make sure the changes initiated, however, does not affect the company’s sales, the new innovative ideas may need to be tested by using launching 2 versions of the site. For instance, the designers of the site can run the current version and the new proposed versions at the same time. By running both simultaneously, it makes new innovative ideas much easier to test before actually deploying the new ideas on the entire site.