Jason Hope Donations to the SENS Foundation

The SENS (Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence) Research Foundation hosts an annual Rejuvenation Biotechnology Conference. In July 2014, the organization had such a meeting in Santa Clara. Aubrey de Grey, the chief science officer and co-founder of SENS Research Foundation, states that the overall agenda of the conference is to put up a foundation on the rejuvenation biotechnology industry hence aid in accelerating drug development. This is to be done, primarily, using the broad-based collaboration of repair-damage expertise. These annual conferences serve as a platform for key players and experts on topics such as building a rejuvenation biotechnology industry, the causes of aging and related diseases, cellular and molecular damage, and advancing regenerative therapies in Parkinson’s disease and cancer.

As such, the panelists are expected to discuss the preventive and combinatorial strategies to help in pushing the agenda of SENS. SENS is a non-profit organization with the intentions of raising support for private scientists, researchers, and individuals through prominent philanthropists. Jason Hope has been one of the biggest contributors in this line of work. He is an entrepreneur from Arizona. In 2010 only, he had donated $500,000 to the organization, which enabled it to equip and build the Cambridge SENS laboratory. The money also went towards implementing a brand-new research program that focuses on advancing glycation end products originating from human tissues. Jason has previously expressed his passion and desire to support SENS and its objectives. He considers the foundations of SENS as the key to unlocking anti-aging inventions that would reduce the capability of disease to break down the human body faster.

In return, he expects that the body would age much slower. He gave the example of lung and heart disease which tremendously affect the function of the body. In his opinion, traditional medicine practices look to treat these diseases once they are reported instead of stopping them from ever happening. Jason Hope is a renowned philanthropist, investor, futurist and a successful entrepreneur. He was born and raised in Tempe Arizona. Later in his life, he joined Arizona State University where he studied Finance before pursuing an MBA at his former college. Since he completed his studies, Jason has become a successful entrepreneur and gained an international reputation. He also a sought-after advisor in the business world. Jason lives in Scottsdale, Arizona which enables him to oversee most of his businesses and projects. As part of his free time, Jason spends most of it in philanthropic causes as his drive for innovative technologies and scientific research creates a modern school of thought in his circle of influence.

2 Top Benefits of A/B Testing

Operating a website for a business can be a very challenging experience for everyone involved in the design and development of the site. Since Google, Bing, Safari and other major engines have standard rules and guidelines that everyone must adhere to, creating a successful and profitable site is not as simple as some people may think. Specifically, if the business owner and their marketing teams are seeking to launch and maintain a successful site without affecting the profits. Fortunately, to ensure businesses have the information and the support that is needed to be competitive in a very demanding online marketplace, there is quite of information, tool and resources online that can assist everyone with their needs and preferences.

Some of the most notable include those tools that involve A/B testing. Because this type of testing is designed for identifying and finding answers to questions that marketing teams and designers present, this type of testing can be very benefits. Having said that, here are 2 top benefits of using A/B testing.

Benefit #1 – Provides Clear Evidence of Which Way to Go

Sometimes a business owner or a developer may want to try out different marketing strategies on their site to increase conversion rates and revenue. Since some strategies work well and others don’t, the revenues on the site can be adversely impacted greatly if they do not work as the owner envisions. Thankfully, with the use of A/B testing, the ideas that the owner envisions can be launched in a form that minimizes any problems that could adversely impact the site. This is because this type of testing helps to provide clear evidence on why the change is profitable.

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Benefits #2 – Helps to Develop New Innovative Ideas

When a site is not performing well because of a change that Google has implemented, modifications may need to be made to the site to ensure revenue remains the same. In some cases, these modifications may need to be innovative or revolutionary. To make sure the changes initiated, however, does not affect the company’s sales, the new innovative ideas may need to be tested by using launching 2 versions of the site. For instance, the designers of the site can run the current version and the new proposed versions at the same time. By running both simultaneously, it makes new innovative ideas much easier to test before actually deploying the new ideas on the entire site.

Joao Pessoa Native Roberto Santiago: The Brazilian Mall Tycoon

Legendary, visionary Brazilian entrepreneur Roberto Santiago was born in Joao Pessoa, Brazil. Now he has made the city of his birth one of Brazil’s most socially and economically vibrant areas by building the spectacular Manaira Shopping Mall there. The 92,000 square feet mall has 11 movie theatres, a rooftop concert hall, hundreds of stores, a large gaming area with all the latest games, a huge food court with everything from fine dining to a wide variety fast food options. There’s even a bank, a gym and a college in the mall. Building it has made Roberto Santiago a much beloved figure.


After attending Pio X-Marist College and the University Center of Joao Pessoa, Roberto Santiago got a degree in business administration. He then worked as a popular blogger and went on to start a very successful cardboard box company. The company developed innovative ways to transform cardboard into attractive decorative objects that tourists loves. Santiago then went on to work with Café Santa Rosa where he got even more experience in business management and customer service. In 1987, he began buying the land in Joao Pessoa to build the Manaira Shopping Mall. The mall opened in 1989.


One of the most popular attractions in the mall is the two-story, air conditioned, soundproof, roof-top concert area called Domus Hall. Added to Manaira Mall in 2009, Domus Hall has a state-of-the-art sound system, can hold 10,000 patrons and has setting accommodations for 4,000. The upper floor has private cabins while the lower level is where the biggest events are held. The hall is large enough for concerts, musical festivals, conferences, exhibits, graduation ceremonies, weddings, fairs and huge parties. Domus Hall has hosted incredible concerts featuring top musical acts from Brazil and all over the world attended by thousands of people.


With the success of Manaira Shopping Mall, Roberto Santiago has gone on to build the Mangeira Shopping Mall which opened in 2013. That mall is also located in Joao Pessoa and attracts people by the thousands daily. So many people regularly make their way to Joao Pessoa, a growing number of corporations and businesses are opening branches in the city. Santiago has thanked the people for supporting the malls. He also has a plan to open malls in some of Brazil’s most popular cities including Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. Many have begun to call Roberto Santiago the Brazilian mall tycoon.


Santiago has enjoyed great success and many people in Joao Pessoa see him as a local hero. He has improved the quality of life for a growing number of people in the region. These malls act as an economic engine and social and recreational centers for millions of Brazilian people.


Larkin & Lacey

About four decades ago, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey dropped out of Arizona State University. They leveraged a college campus paper into a national publication that had spread all around the United States. Lacey was the executive editor and Larkin was the CEO of Village Voice Media. Read more: Michael Lacey | Facebook and Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

In its heyday, Village Voice Media consisted of seventeen publications, including the Village Voice from New York City. In 2013, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey sold the New York newspaper to the people who now own it—Voice Media Group. The college campus paper that started it all was started in 1970 as a result of outrage over the Kent State murders.

In 1992, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey met their match as Sheriff Arpaio was elected to the office of Sheriff in Maricopa County. Sheriff Arpaio quickly became well known as his not-so-lovely antics were publicized.

He forced prisoners to eat rotten fruit and green baloney, made male inmates wear pink jumpsuits to make them feel embarrassed and exposed inmates to the worst conditions that one could think of.

In 2004, a man who wrote for one of Lacey and Larkin’s publications, the Phoenix New Times, published information abut Sheriff Arpaio’s property ownership. John Dougherty, the reporter, reported that Sheriff Arpaio and his wife owned about $700,000 worth of commercial land.

This information was not available in public records, since there is a law in Arizona stating that the ownership of such land should not be disclosed for the safety of judges and law enforcement officials.

Arpaio’s place of residence was also disclosed in the publication. Even though Arpaio’s residence was already available via public records, the publication of his address was interpreted as some sort threat against him and his loved ones.

The sheriff was so enraged by the fact that his place of residence was published that he spent three years trying to get Dougherty into trouble.

There was a statute in the state of Arizona saying that publishing the address of a law enforcement official was punishable if it was perceived as some sort of threat against that law official’s safety.

This mess manifested itself in the arrest of Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, owners of the publication that Dougherty worked for. Their arrests spurred a lot of public outrage. This public outrage came in the form of stories that were published in The New York Times, the Washington Post and USA Today.

Rodrigo Terpins, the Brazilian Rally Driver

Rodrigo Terpins just like his brother Michael Terpins is an iconic rally driver. He takes part in Prototype T1 races. Working together with his brother as a teammate has made him gain national recognition. More to that has manifested his overwhelming skills and talents in the Bull Sertoes Rally. He shocked everyone by complementing the rally within 58 minutes. As an experienced rally driver, his work requires patience, excellent communication skills, and discipline.

From a couple of interviews by the Brazilian media, he bases his success on his past competitions. These completions act as a blueprint for the future ones which make him more skillful. Moreover, his determination and consistency make him outstanding in his races. More so his perseverance which is seen through his bravery act of keeping up despite any hindrance of the terrain when rallying.

Rodrigo owns diverse skills in leadership and rallying. He was previously appointed as the Director of Operations in Lojas Marisa. As a skilled rally driver, Mr. Rodrigo is best known for navigating courses of the rough terrain without decreasing his speed.

Mr. Terpins is also skilled in business. He works for T5 Partipacoes as the senior director. He is known for developing this company and enabling it to organize the biggest rally races in Brazil. He acquired this skills in management and corporate governance from Saint Hilaire University.

Rodrigo also keeps up with trending issues on social media. He has several online platforms including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Also, he owns the Terpins Brothers website where he posts his photos and aired interviews.

According to his Facebook comments, he insists that he could not have attained such success were not it for his skilled friend. He also appreciates his supporters who always turn up to encourage and cheer him up during races.