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Straight Razor Uses and Donald Scott NYC’s Amazing Products!

Straight Razor Uses and Donald Scott NYC’s Amazing Products!     Many stylists however, are using straight razors to create some of today’s most up to date hair cuts for both men and women.       Why should stylists and barbers consider using straight razors to cut hair? Straight razors can be used to […]

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Billy McFarland Provides the Millennial with Boundless Networking Opportunities

Persons, within the Millennial set, are making tremendous in-roads, in making use of Billy McFarland’s invention of the black Magnises card. The card provides the Millennial with a comprehensive solution, relative to all of his or her business social networking requirements. The black Magnises card is useful, to the Millennial, as it pertains to the […]


PodcastOne Chair Norman Pattiz Announces the Latest Jericho Network Program “Beyond The Darkness”

Norman Pattiz, the founder and executive chair of PodcastOne, has announced the release of a new podcast dubbed “Beyond the Darkness”. PodcastOne is the largest podcast network that is advertiser-supported in America. It will be WWE’s star Chris Jericho’s newest show on his podcast network under the umbrella of PodcastOne. It will feature entertaining and […]