Cotemar: The Leader in Offshore Oil & Gas Services

Natural Resources are the bread and butter of civilization. Without the use of natural resources, we as humans would feel like we’re living in the pre-historic era. Have you ever heard of the company Cotemar? Well, Cotemar is a leader in the gas & oil industry that hosts many vital roles such as Maritime support Operations, Oil Fields Developments, Supplies by Specialized Vessels, and many more. This is a 100% Mexican owned company that has over 37 years of experience. Cotemar offers valuable services that are certified and have been validated. The company’s business model shows a record of success thanks to it’s highly specialized team of skilled employees.

Cotemar has provided services to (Pemex) Petroleos Mexicanos since the year 1979 and this specialized company is expanding and strengthening it’s position. Being a market leader, Cotemar has been dominating the industry by adding fleets of vessels which transports personnel and materials. Food and Accomodation is another service that this business specializes in which benefits workers that are out on oil rigs. Cotemar just seems to have this sector “under lock and key,” but will all successful companies, evolving with the times is the way to stay relevant and on top. In 1996 the company expanded it’s range to five oil rigs and 3 specialized vessels at the same time. As with any business/company, safety is a priority and Cotemar definitely delivers by protecting it’s assets. As much as the natural resources themselves have value, people’s lives are the true assets. The SSPA Model protects employees that are on and offshore. This distinct Integrated Management System is the epitome of health, safety, quality, and environmental protection.

Cotemar is a large company with an even larger employee base of over 8,000 people. The company focuses on the future and it’s vision is to become and maintain it’s sustainability for years to come.


Malini Saba’s Philanthropy Extends to The Leaders of Tomorrow.

The reason why she ventured into this program was to help women and children across the ever evolving globe who will be the future leaders, and by offering education, a home, and healthcare, Malini Saba is ensuring a bright future for them.


How Malini Saba defines success and philosophy

Success is doing what you love while smiling and her biggest success is having her daughter by her side as she made her understand why she built the Malini Saba Foundation. Her philosophy is whatever happened in the past cannot be changed, and one must reflect and learn from the experience.


Malini Saba’s top challenge and how she addressed it

The biggest problem she has encountered and still continues to deal with is stumbling blocks from governments of developing countries which create barriers on the full impact Malini Saba’s foundation wants to make on change. Her best weapon in fighting such situations is by standing her ground, and continuing to push on for positive change of policies. She always keeps in mind that change is not for one person but a multitude of individuals.


Malini Saba has always kept her business and personal life apart, and if something bad happens to her life, it becomes a learning curve. As for her business life, it remains to be the bottom line of everything.


Malini Saba’s most influential role model

Mother Theresa is her top-ranked role model as she had faith in what she did, and helped many with her belief in God. Mother Theresa took the initiative to assist a group of people who were stigmatized and marginalized by the public while others stood afar and talked about what they would want to do but never did it.


Malini Saba hails from Malaysia, but has grown up in Australia, and then moved to U.S. at the age of 19 with only $200 to survive while at the Stanford University Campus.


Saba one day stormed into a gathering of investment bankers and talked them out to give her financial investment advice and with the little money she had saved, she gradually started investing in commodities, real estate, and telecommunications. Today, Malini Saba is one of the top international investors of South Asian origin and also philanthropists. Ms. Malini Saba is the Chairman and founder of Saban and other firms which deal with real estate, technology, gas, and oil companies in Australia, India, U.S, and China.

Eric Lefkofsky and His Tempus Role

Eric Lefkofsky is the CEO and founder of Tempus. Under his auspices this
technology company has built an operating system to battle cancer.This company through its research allows physicians to personalize the care of their cancer patient.
What Eric Lefkofsky has done is to found a company which is researching ways of treating cancer. Why did he do this? It stemmed from watching a family member
being treated for this terrible disease. His goal was to bring new and innovative technology to the doctors who are in the front lines treating these patients.
Tempus analyzes data so that physicians have real time data to treat their patients based on analytics drawn from other cancer patients.
Tempus has created this software to make the physicians work easier . This allows the doctor more time with the patient and less time comparing data that may be out there.

Tempus is not the only endeavor where Eric Lefkofsky is involved. He also wrote a book which he called “Accelerated Disruption.” This is explained as how a business “misses the boat “by not realizing that “technology can allow a challenge to come from anywhere.This is what the book states. This book was written by Eric Lefkofsky . In it he expresses that in order to compete and to emerge and grow in the coming years they have to improve their technology. Also he stressed that the right companies need to be chosen to be innovated.
Eric Lefkofsky is not only the CEO of Tempus but he is a trustee in many other
organizations like the Lurie’s Children’s Hospital of Chicago,The Steppenwolf Theatre. Eric Lefkofsky”s philanthropic endeavors reach to wide domains, He even has started a foundation with his wife. It is called the Lefkofsky Family Foundation.
This foundation has under its umbrella many businesses and schools .Under Education the schools that are under this part of the umbrella ,each has a different thing that they bring to the table to enhance a child’ Another facet under this umbrella is human rights. It incorporates such companies as The Human Rights Watch and The Jewish United Fund . Both have human rights in their scope of
The world is a better place for having Eric Lefkofsky in it because he uses his entrepreneurial skills to make a better world. And his later skills have proven to benefit mankind in the best possible way. He founded a company which is working diligently to help rid the world of cancer.
They are doing this by testing patient’s blood and arriving at the conclusion of what genotypes can make a person more prone to getting cancer in their lifetime and what type. Then they place this information on their software and send this information to physicians treating cancer in their patients. Eric Lefkofsky, entrepreneur extraordinaire.

Christopher Burch’s Many Accomplishments

Christopher Burch is a man whom has many different talents as a designer and an artist. He has had a nearly 40 year career as a investor/entrepreneur. He has made it easy for people to understand customer behavior and build on his experience. His passions are quite diverse, and one of them happens to be for the combination of both technology and fashion. Chris Burch is currently the CEO of his own company, which happens to be Burch Creative Capital. Creativity and imagination fuel his desire to pursue his dreams of being a successful entrepreneur. His career has spanned for 40 years, as he has been able to build up a name for himself as a top innovator, allowing 50 companies to climb to the top. Some great new brands have emerged as a direct result of his efforts in understanding the ways in which brands can be built.

The company also has a diverse portfolio of lifestyle brands and investment products. Everything from retail, to food, to hospitality and technology can be candidates for the type of marketing and promotion work that he can do. This is because much of the emphasis he places is on design thinking.

Another area in which Chris Burch outshines the rest is in providing fresh, new ideas for folks starting out their careers or even experienced professionals. Recently, he provided advice for people whom are just starting out in the design field. The post emphasised the benefit of using some basic practices in order to impress client. These include the often overlooked but very important aspects of doing great work such as: communication, prioritizing, research, knowing limits, and using resources. Communication keeps the client up-to-date with regard to what is going on. Prioritizing is how you delegate responsibilities out to clients, research is how expectations are met. Knowing limits is how expectations are set. Using resources ensures that the outcome is great.

He is primarily an investor, and many of the companies in which he has invested have become household names. One of the more famous ones happens to be a small startup company called Chubbies. His investments also include brands such as Voss Water, which is another major household brand and the Faena Hotel + Universe. These brands have the ability to captivate and inspire people to improve their lives. More importantly, perhaps, is that these brands are also disruptive towards our everyday lives.

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