Edits Upon Edits: Wikipedia And It’s Meticulous Details Make It Tops When It Comes To Image

You may be aware of what Wikipedia is, but did you know there is an average of 80,000 volunteer Wiki editors who add and edit information per month on the site? And these are only the volunteers. These anonymous and free editors are so many that edits are made 24/7 by the masses of free talent. A study at Stanford University wanted to probe the question; Can the effect of this process be quantified? It turns out that it can. It has been dubbed the “Cumulative Growth Effect.” After 1,310 articles went through almost 63,000 Wikipedia edits, this was the determination of the researchers.

This effect is when editors make the move to edit a Wikipedia page, this attracts the editor from another and so on and so forth. Subsequently, this adds much more to the process and you actually end up with a better final edit. If there ever was one, that is. The study has also been shown to prove that even when small Wikipedia revisions made early in the life of an article can and will dramatically boost the growth of its popularity. Also, with this cumulative effect taking place, the edits produce articles that are 45% longer on average. The quality, not just the quantity has been proven again and again to be higher as well from these edits. Click here for the article from Stanford Bussines.

If this effect is what happens with the volunteers, then what happens when you are having edits done by professionals? The logical conclusion would be that the edits to the material would be that much better. Having a fine tuned and up-to-date Wiki page is considered a must by many business professionals and personal opinions alike. Having so many editors out there volunteering is fantastic, yet having a paid professional is clearly the way to go since they have your best interest in mind. Companies like Get Your Wiki for example, is a great place to have a talented staff you can hire Wikipedia experts from that are on the side of you or your businesses image. Wikipedia is more and more becoming the go-to when it comes to the vast stores of facts, updates and general knowledge about a person or subject.
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